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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Update 46 - Dungeon Colony Version

Today's update (v0.1.8.46) brings more balancing and bug fixes! But also, there are a lot of changes or updates  internally: I am officially moving from svn to git. Finally!! For me the primary reason was branching. I can't stand branching in svn anymore, so it's over to git =D since my branching-needs have increased a lot. Additionally, I've been updating and adjusting some short term objectives for game development and started doing legal stuff too. I also started learning iPad development (while I have been learning Android development with a friend for about a month) 

Now I want to return to coding, I get anxious sometimes when I don't code on it for a while... So this weekend and the entire next week is devoted to continue on a new game feature and do a lot of bug fixing and re-factoring. GDC is also around the corner, oh boy!! I am planning on exhibiting next year, but this year, i will go to see, meet and greet =).

Here is a summary for the new version:


  • Fixes the logic when minions mine or lumber with regards to inventory storage/carrying capacity.
  • Fixes the Study Animation when the study is rotated into different directions.
  • Fixes bug that prevented the Dungeon Master to reach the Study based on the walls around it (and other factors).
  • Fixes bug that caused commands issued to a minion to be lost when hitting the 'Equip Sling-shot'-button in between.


  • Added new tutorial quests for building stock piles.
  • Game Balancing on Trees and wood cutting.
  • Adds blueprint for crafting walls  to stock pile containers.

If you haven't tried it yet, download and support Dungeon Colony here!

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