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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Download Dungeon Colony without registration

Since the public alpha release of Dungeon Colony, the feedback has been very positive. Thank you for such great feedback and please keep testing and sending me your comments ;-). 

Now you can download the game without registration by visiting the public alpha Download page. To unlock the game save functionality you need to register a username to get the in game passcode. That is still free during alpha, so go and visit the home page, play the game, and if you like it, register free. 

Also, a new version ( is out with a few bug fixes and new graphics. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Version - New Enemy, Sounds and Wiki

The new version of Dungeon Colony is out: Version 

It's been a while since my last post, in part because a couple of friends and I entered the recent Ludum Dare group competition. Check out our game here. The contest went for 72 hours and the theme was Evolution. 

The new version of Dungeon Colony includes a range of bug fixes as well as three new upgrades: 

  1. Dungeon Colony Wiki. This new page is the first wiki publish and contains most of the game entities and explains more or less what they do. This will be a work in progress.
  2. New Enemy: Archer - The archer is a new hero enemy unit and spawns from the village on the world map. Though weaker than the other enemies, the ranged attack makes this a fierce contender. He carries a limited amount of arrows making him an easy target once he runs out of ammo. Archer
  3. First Sound Effects for your creatures. (Moods) - I have added some new sound effects for your creatures which play on different behavioral occasions (such as eating, sleeping, grunting, alerting, dying…). At the moment there are only sounds for the player’s creatures. More will be added gradually. The sound effects have been created by Donald Hanson. Check out his website for more amazing art and music samples he created.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Feature - Map Generator


If you haven't noticed by now, when you started a game, you always played the same map and dungeon layout. This layout was drawn by hand and each pixel in the image was then replaced by the actual map tile when loading a new game. This is all nice and dandy, but gets boring really fast.  

Since the last release I have worked on a map generator which replaces the hand drawn map. Using procedural map generation, the algorithm tries to reproduce the same elements used in the drawn version, but attempts to make it more natural or diverse. The first screenshot is the actual drawn image that was used until release Grass is green, and white is mountain. Here any white pixel is replaced by either dirt or stone. The black shapes are empty caves.

Old Hand Made Map:

 Old Hand Made Map

The New Map Generator produced the following set of random samples. 



The first image looks like a drooling face... but more importantly, maps have many shapes and sizes. The road on the map shows the path enemies will take to find your dungeon. The brown and gray colors within the  mountain indicate what type of material it is. The black shapes within the mountain are small undiscovered caves (which may hold treasure). 

Try it out, help me find bugs, & give me your feedback.