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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Update 48 - Dungeon Colony Version

This update (v0.1.8.54) upgrades the mushrooms by making the weight and food points of the mushroom based on it's size.
Another new feature is the ability to look items in a minions inventory:

The locking feature also enabled minions to manage their inventory on their own. This means, that for any item that is not locked and if the minions is not performing any activity, then will he go and try to store those items in containers that are available within your dungeon. 
Lock a cell to lock in the items: Move the mouse to the upper right corner of a cell to reveal the lock button. Click it to lock or unlock it. 

Here is the summary of today's updates:

 Fixes bug that caused minions to store items in a container even if they are not within reach of the container.

  • Mushroom food points are determined by size, which also determines the weight.
  • A mushroom can have a minimum of 16 food points and grow as large as 64 Food points worth.
  • A mushroom's weight ranges from 0.2 to 0.8 points.
  • Made mushrooms a little less available.

Inventory Lock

  • Adds ability to lock in items in a creature's inventory.
  • When minions carry items that are not locked they may decide to store them in a container.
  • Lock in items such as weapons (in future also potions food and other items)


If you haven't tried it yet, download and support  Dungeon Colony here!

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