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Friday, February 14, 2014

Dungeon Colony Version

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Today's release (v0.2.0.25) adds a new feature to the game that I've been waiting for a long time: Custom Ground Tiles. Now, the player is able to place these tiles and change the look and feel  of the dungeon. This also lays the foundation for a future feature: rooms (TBA). Check out the following video to see digging dirt and laying tiles in action:

The following is a screenshot shows all of the different tile types available:

Also new in this release (v0.2.0.25):
  •  New Flooring Frame allows you to choose between the 3 new tile sets but also allows you to put dirt back on the ground. 
  • Adds new AI Behavior allowing Minions to find the necessary resources to build ground tiles.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Dungeon Colony Version

Welcome back, but if this is your first time on this blog, please go to and get your Early-Access account to play the game as it is being developed. Right now you can get the game for only $5. This helps pay our bills such as server costs, business costs, new content costs and much much more. Without your help Dungeon Colony cannot exist. So Thank You!
The newest addition to the game is digging. Yes, your minions just got a shovel and can dig up dirt from the ground. Digging up dirt provides one dirt resource. You can dig up dirt inside and outside of the world. This new feature lays the foundation for an upcoming related feature, ground tiles. Soon your minions will be able to decorate your dungeon with different tile types. The prerequisite was therefore to give your minions the ability to clean up any dirt in order to have an even and clean space to place beautiful tiles. So now that I revealed this little secret, you can expect tiles in a soon to be released feature update.

Check out the following screenshot where my minions are cleaning up the dungeon dirt:

Summary for release
- Ability for minions to dig up grass and dirt tiles. (Dirt provides one dirt resource.)
- Fixes bug that didn't allow non-US Keyboards to input certain characters. Thanks Eletrusith!
- Other fixes and adjustments.