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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dungeon Colony Version

Hello Minions,

I've taken a small detour from my regular game development objectives to concentrate on improving the game controls to respond to a lot of requests to make them less confusing. It's quite insane that the controls have been almost the same since development began, at least when it comes to the mouse  button designations for most of the primary commands.

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The old commands used to select units and object with the left mouse and command them using the right mouse. This also applied to items in an inventory: You would select left and move (in or out of inventory) using the right mouse. This wasn't very intuitive given the difference between units and objects that can be selected on the map.

The new controls are mostly completely left click: Please give it a try and let me know if there is anything you would change.

If you are already familiar with the old controls or like the controls just the way they were then you can go back and switch between them in the updated Settings menu:

On the left is a new column for "Custom Controls". Here you can switch between the left/right mouse control settings. Any future customizations will be added to this area.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dungeon Colony Version

Today's release (v0.2.0.80) improves existing features, fixes various game crashing bugs caught by the exception handler and continues on the Audio implementation.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixes bug when loading level from server.
  • Fixes Nullpointer exception due to when copying entities.
  • Fixes bug when some resolutions caused mouse input to crash the game.
Feature Improvements:
  • Completes Shader implementation in Level Editor. (FOW & Borders).
  • Prevents Spiders from stealing from or attacking objects.
  • Begins with integration of first Sound effects and a new Audio Engine.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Dungeon Colony Version

Today's version (v0.2.0.67) continues adding features to the Campaign Map. The first thing we've added is the new art-work for the campaign map, which includes the map itself and a range of icons to represent different levels and quests.

Here is a screenshot of the map and some of the prototype icons:

This map will be used for the campaign game mode, which is one of the 3 modes available (Tutorial, Campaign, and Sandbox). If you have an early access account, you can navigate to the new map, but there isn't much you can do yet. Visit the Road-To-Beta ToDo List to find out more about the progress on the campaign map and other features we are currently working on.

Summary of changes for this release:
  • Adds new Campaign Map Prototype.
  • Adds new Campaign Map Icons.
  • Adds new Campaign Map Level Info Frame.
  • Adds backend features to store player completed levels.
  • Adds new ground tiles to Level Editor.
  • Fixes DropDownList bug.
  • Fixes various Bugs in Level Editor.
  • Fixes Shader Issues with Mountain Borders.
  • Fixes Issues with frame borders.