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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Update 47 - Dungeon Colony Version

Today's update (v0.1.8.48) adds mushrooms to the dungeon. This is a food type which not only increases the food-meter, but will (not yet coded) also bring different attributes that may benefit or harm a creature. Mushrooms grow in the dungeon and since this is a tile based game, I decided to make mushrooms grow in small patches per tile. Within each patch mushrooms can grow multiple specimens.

Each mushroom in a patch starts of as a tiny baby mushroom. They can grow over time, getting bigger and gaining more weight. Soon I will add logic where bigger mushrooms may also have more effect when consumed as opposed to small ones.

Besides growing, mushrooms can also be collected by selecting a mushroom patch and then right clicking on it. This will call a minion to the patch for collection. Since mushrooms are rare and grow slowly, minions will be careful when collecting and leave some mushrooms behind to keep the patch growing (unless there is only one left - if you command a minion to harvest a patch containing only one mushroom, the patch is removed completely). This allows you to keep mushrooms growing if you want to keep a steady harvest.

The growing algorithm is a bit shaky so I'll revisit it if there aren't any errors with this new version sometime in the coming days.
If you haven't tried it yet, download and support Dungeon Colony here!

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