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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dungeon Colony


This release completes the first set of features for Rooms in Dungeon Colony.

Watch the following video log to learn more about it:

What's next:

Before I complete the campaign mode the behavior engine and the rules that make up the Dungeon Economy must be updated and improved. The most recent features about abilities and dungeon rooms play an important role in these improvements. Rooms determine where minions go look for resources: the lair for a place to rest, eat and store personal goods; the pantry is the hot-spot for food and the treasury is the money-department. Without these rooms, the economy can't function. Workers will want to be compensated for all work commands you give them. This is the first improvement I will focus on.

Once these improvements are complete Beta stage will be reached and I will start with the level development for the campaign mode. At the same time I will introduce the story that goes with the campaign mode. I'm hoping to reach this milestone in a few months, but that really depends a lot on many other factors... so wish me the best!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Dungeon Colony (+) an Ester Egg!!

Grunt Minions!

I've just uploaded a new version. This one includes all the work I've done on Dungeon Rooms so far! But first, there's an easter egg too. I've added a new creature that is joining the spider family. This one is the Spider Queen!

The Spider Queen is 4 times the size of it's fighter class. And it is much much stronger and faster. So far you can add the spider from the Level Editor. Later, there will be levels with the spider in it:

Check out this gif animation of the same level:

Rooms Part 3:

I've continued to work mostly on Rooms. (Check out the last two posts (One & Two) if you want to read more about the beginnings of rooms.) There are now 3 types of rooms, I will add more types later, but the 3 types that I start with are the most important rooms to keep the economy of your colony going. Every other room type thereafter is an add-on. Those 3 rooms are the Lair, Pantry and Treasury: 

The Lair is the room where your a minions will live. Minions will sleep in their room and use it to store their goods. The pantry is where minions get fed and the treasury is where they get their wage. 
In today's release I've added the logic to place objects inside a room. What that really means is that any objects that are located in a room tile, will be considered inside that room. Having the ability to track what objects are in a room allows me to set room requirements to guide the player into crafting certain furniture items to be placed in the room. For example, the lair will need a bed for the minion to sleep on and a chest to store gold. 

And here is the summary of changes in version

- Adds Spider Queen to the Level Editor.
- Begins with Dungeon Rooms. Work in Progress:
- Creates 3 new rooms: Lair, Pantry, and Treasury.
- Can create, delete, merge and split rooms.
- Renders rooms on map if the Room Tool Button is selected.
- When hovering the mouse over the map, then the color of the room shows (faintly).
- When-ever a minion walks over a Lair room without owner, and if he is owner-less too, then he becomes the new owner automatically.
- Adds logic to remove room owners when a room is deleted or when the owner dies.
- Saving and Loading Rooms is possible.
- Shows room info when hovering.
- Shows room colors on brush when painting rooms.
- Adds inRoom Room property to all objects.
- Adds ability to add objects to rooms.
- Adds ability to assign a room a specific object requirement.
- Sets requirements for the Lair room.
- Removes invoice game activation option since it never worked in first place.