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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dungeon Colony Version

Today's release updates Dungeon Colony to 0.2.3.x. The release is a major milestone as it includes all of the features that I initially set out to accomplish for this game. This is quite a long time ago, so a lot of new goals have been added since then. I'm also releasing a new Map Editor to the game. With the first version of the editor completed, I am excited to move back into game design. There are a lot of game elements that have been waiting to be completed. You can also expect new content in the next major release.

Summary of updates in include:
1. Updating usernames.
2. Newsletter opt-in.
3. New: In-Game Map Editor.

1. Some Dungeon Colony usernames are currently set to the email address. Many account holders have requested the ability to change usernames. This feature is available and can be accessed here:

Upcoming features in Dungeon Colony will allow you to interact with other players. To protect your email address, any user account that still uses the email address as the username will not be able to use these features until the username is changed.

Additionally, you can also do the following on your account page:
  • Change your email address.
  • Change your account password.
  • Change your username.
  • Set your newsletter preferences.
  • Access your game passcode.
2. I am launching a news-letter to send you development updates. In order to sign up and receive it I created an easy way for you to to opt-in: simply log into the game and check mark the Dev-Updates Newsletter button in the Main Menu. That’s it! You can also opt-in/out from the website listed above. If you would like to continue receiving email updates, please sign up for my news letter. (NOTE: This email is not a news-letter type email and you will not receive anymore email communication from Dungeon Colony in the future unless you sign up for news-letters. If you have opted-out you may still receive important emails regarding your account with us)

3. A few months ago I created a game editor that allows you to draw maps, add quest, configure properties of objects and creatures, include/exclude enemy waves, and add specific level winning and loosing conditions (... and much much more).

Today, I am releasing the editor to the public. The editor is still in a rough shape around the edges, nonetheless, if you haven’t already, you can try out the first level I created using the editor. On the campaign map, this level is called “First Arrival”. I am very interested in hearing your feedback, suggestions or wishes regarding the editor.

What's next? I am going to start adding new content including new craft-able objects and I am also starting to upgrade an existing game feature. Stay tuned for more updates.