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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Update 45 - Dungeon Colony Version

Today's update (v. brings balancing to the engine making resource-gathering faster:

Wall material such as dirt now takes less time to mine than rock. Also in the previous version, only two minions could mine on one wall-tile; now up to 4 can mine on the same wall, but that depends on how many tiles are open/free right in front of the wall. Also improved is the resource gathering behavior: before, a minion would mine or lumber wood and then bring that one resource back to a container. Now the minions mine until they can't carry anymore and then carry the loot to storage. I also adjusted the base carrying capacity and reduced it from 20 to 5. The carrying capacity has also become an up-gradable skill attribute, which increases by 1 point every time it is leveled up.

Here is the summary of the new version:

Game Balance/New Features:

  • Changed the weight of certain entities, and reduced the amount a worker can carry from 20 to 5. Carrying weight is now a worker attribute which can be leveled up.
  • Mining different resource types takes more or less work: Mining a dirt wall is much faster than mining a rock wall for example.
  • Workers now occupy one tile when mining. This poses new benefits and challenges. Lumbering is one Axe per worker.
  • Workers now stay at mining/lumbering target locations and mine/lumber until the wall/tree is removed or until they cannot carry anymore.
  • When workers finish mining a wall, they carry the collected resources to each dedicated container.
  • When mining, if a minion's bag is full and if no storage container is found, the loot is dropped on the ground.

Bugs (Exposed by Alpha Tester. Thanks for playing!):

  • Fixes bug caused when fighting boars at map edges.
  • Fixes bug caused by attempting to render torches on map borders.


  • Sending bug reports in separate thread.

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