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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Update 36 - Dungeon Colony Version

The update today is a fix to cloud loading, which fixes a bug when loading game save data for managing orders issued to minions: some orders got lost before.

I also started work on a new game feature... tba ;)

Update 35 - Dungeon Colony Version

Update 35 - Dungeon Colony Version
Today's update is in response to a YouTube video from Germany!!! Thanks or Vielen Dank ;) to OkamiAmmi for his Let's Play video of Dungeon Colony. I love seeing other people play the game and experience their experience. So the following are fixes to issues that OkamiAmmi encountered or things I felt needed to be addressed:
  • Adds ability to manually command Worker to mine or lumber by selecting the worker and then right clicking on a wall or tree. 
  • Adds ability to move a torch from one wall to another, without having to first deposit it into a container. 
  • Adds new help frame which explains how to move items around. This frame is shown only once when the player opens an inventory for the first time.
  • Updates Help Frame (the ?-button) with info on minion order-execution-hierarchy.
  • Adds new notification messages: 1. when a container is full or when a container cannot accept certain object type 2. when objects to move are too heavy for your minion 3. to help the player re-arming traps. 
  • Stops minions from taking orders when selected by the player until the player manually orders or un-selects the minion. 
  • Adds Drag-Frame-Tip to Inventory Frame, which is a small note on the bottom right of the frame to tell the player where the frame can be dragged. 
  • Fixes bug that crashed game when using DungeonMaster 'Store Item' button.
  • And a lot of other small fixes here and there.
There are a lot of small changes and hope thats not going to crash the game now :S

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Update 34 - Dungeon Colony Version

The main addition today is a notification system. These are messages that help notify the player when certain events occur. Currently notifications are displayed when minions need your attention. That is if they are hungry or can't find a place to rest or if they want to get paid. 

Log Summary:


  • Notifications are displayed in the upper right corner of the map when certain important messages are available to the player.   


  • Adjusts spider logic.


  • Fixes bug that froze game when minion died.
  • Fixes bug with spawning spiders. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Update 33 - Dungeon Colony Version

I added a bit more functionality to the ShaderEngine which allows to use light information as game properties. Implementations may be announced soon.

The other main addition is a new enemy type: The Spider 


Spiders do not enter the game like the other enemies, who march from nearby cities towards your dungeon - instead, spiders already nest and hide on the map. 

To summarize the changes:


  •  Extends the Shader Engine with new functionality.
  • Adds new spider enemy unit.   


  • Fixes bug when unit would walk into wall while fighting. 

While still free, download Dungeon Colony.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Update 32 - Dungeon Colony Version

I finally updated to LWJGL 2.8.5. That's not the only change, there are also some new bug-fixes:


  •  Upgraded to LWJGL 2.8.5
  • Some Minor Game Balancing


  • Fixes Bug that prevented the player from moving worker bag items to a container. 
  • Fixes Bug when worker was stuck trying to equip a stone and none are present. 
  • Fixes Bug preventing transport of more resources than one worker can carry from one container to another.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Update 31 - Dungeon Colony Version

Today I spent some time reducing memory requirements in many areas. Additionally that also caused a reduction in game save size, which is great for the game server. 

I also added a new indicator which shows when one of your creatures can be leveled up. It is a small golden cross that flashes close by the unit:


Summing up this update:


  •  Decreased Memory Requirement by ~25% and game save size by undetermined but probably similar amount


  •  Allows more than one torch to neighbor the same tile in front of it.
  • Adds an indicator to a unit that has reached a new level. This makes it easy for the player to see which unit can be leveled-up.


  •     Increased Sling Ranged Attack 


  • Removes artifact from worker lair sprite
  • Fixes can/cannot button in Container Access Frame
  • Changes Button Tool Tip in Inventory From 'Coming Soon' to 'Set Container Access'
  • Fixes bug preventing a worker to take more than 2 spikes when re-arming a wooden spike trap.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Update 30 - Dungeon Colony Version

Happy New Year Dungeoneers! 

After a brief winter break we are back with an update. Over the holidays internal changes have strengthened the project and we are looking forward to development in 2013. 

This update bring a range of bug fixes and an upgraded Shader Engine 2.0. This means primarily faster rendering as well as softer shadows. The following screenshot shows the soft shadow effect emitted by the light sources:

(click image to enlarge):


No matter how many lights you have on the map (zoomed-in or out), the performance will not suffer any longer. The new light engine also sets the stage for light-dependent elements that will be introduced shortly. Soon you can also expect new light sizes so that some objects cast light with different radii. 

This is a brief summary of the changes made for this update:


  • Adds Bookcase and Book-stand entities. Their functionality will be introduced in the near future, for now they are just decorative. imageimage
  • Updated LightEngine 2.0 Performance Increases and new foundation for new light types. 
  • Shadow-Edges are softer


  • Fixes Bug with Shadow at Dungeon Entrance.
  • Fixes Bug when Minions attempt to store mined resources. 
  • Fixes map-starting position according to screen-resolution. 
  • Fixes bug that used carcass as container. 
  • Fixes bug generating mined resources over walls.