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Monday, February 4, 2013

Update 37 - Dungeon Colony Version

Finally back!!! After travelling and launching another project, Dungeon Colony is back with a new version and this time with a new core item completed, which moves the version number up a notch, to 0.1.8!!!

This version adds a discovery system which allows the dungeon master to read books to learn new crafting recipes and, in future (currently in development), also new spells and other interesting things.

The discovery system is built into the Book Stand. If you build it, you will be able to open the reading list, on which you can choose new items to discover. Each such item shows you the points needed until the discovery is made and a description of what you will discover. 


Only the dungeon master is wise enough to read books. Reading the scripts requires Mana and if the master is hungry, tired or otherwise busy, he will refuse to study the scripts (but he will be nice enough to tell you that). 

The discovery system is still young and contains only a few items. More will be added gradually. 

This update also brings a few refreshes to the UI. Some new graphics replace old stale ones. The following new icons have been added, among others:


Finally, there is a new item that can be crafted: The Cooking Pot:

This item, while still useless really, will become a new source of food for your creatures. Additionally, you will be able to cook different recipes, which will give bonus rewards when consumed as opposed to the ingredient by itself. Different ingredients will render different results. 


One such ingredient, which was introduced before, will be mushrooms. With the completion of the ShaderEngine 2, mushroom locations can now be determined, as those only grow in the darkness.

Breakdown of the changes to this new version:


  • Dungeon Master Reading Books and Scrolls
  1. Allows the DungeonMaster to study/discover. Select the Dungeon Master and right click on the BookStand to command him to study. 
  2. That will use his magic and stamina, but it will also create discovery points.
  3. Discovery Points are represented as a blue cross emerging from the book in the BookStand. If the BookStand is selected, the discovery points earned so far are displayed within the window, along with what the Dungeon Master is currently reading/discovering.
  • Adds new Graphics
  1. new Heal Button
  2. new Level Up Button and animation
  3. new Lumber and Mine icons
  4. new entity allowed/not allowed button 
  • Adds new object: Cooking Pot


  • Updates tutorial screenshots.


  • Fixes bug when generating map and Dungeon Master getting stuck. 
  • Fixed Button Pressed Sound error.

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