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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Update 43 - Dungeon Colony Version

This version (v0.1.8.28) concludes a week of eliminating bugs and refactoring lots of code. This week, since launching the new Bug-Reporting tool, I received a lot of bugs from my Alpah Testers. Thanks for playing and finding these bugs. 



  • Alpha-Tester-Generated-Bug: Fixes issue with placing torches on wall with various screen resolution settings. Thanks johnki!
  • Fixes bug that caused creatures to twitch erratically during fights like they couldn't make up their mind which target to attack.
  • Draws the command indicator over the entity where in some cases it wasn't drawn at the right location.
  • Fixes another entity transfer bug which prevented certain transfers of items between containers.
  • Fixes bug when trying to select overlapping entities, such as dead creatures overlapping each other.
  • Fixes bug with the sunlight at the dungeon entrance. 
  • Fixes problem when commanding a creature that was already executing certain orders.
  • Fixes minor bugs with entity transportation.


  • Upgraded behavior when minions are ordered to move items and their inventory is either full or the destination is unreachable
  • Adds error notification to the user if exception is encountered.
  • Allows placing torches on walls which are also marked for mining. Yea, sound contradicting, but is actually useful.
  • Allows to re-arm spike traps from a workers' bag.
  • Allows to assign workers to existing mining operations
  • Refactoring

Tomorrow, I will begin on some game balancing (most likely mining) and if time permits also continue on some entities. 

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