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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Update 35 - Dungeon Colony Version

Update 35 - Dungeon Colony Version
Today's update is in response to a YouTube video from Germany!!! Thanks or Vielen Dank ;) to OkamiAmmi for his Let's Play video of Dungeon Colony. I love seeing other people play the game and experience their experience. So the following are fixes to issues that OkamiAmmi encountered or things I felt needed to be addressed:
  • Adds ability to manually command Worker to mine or lumber by selecting the worker and then right clicking on a wall or tree. 
  • Adds ability to move a torch from one wall to another, without having to first deposit it into a container. 
  • Adds new help frame which explains how to move items around. This frame is shown only once when the player opens an inventory for the first time.
  • Updates Help Frame (the ?-button) with info on minion order-execution-hierarchy.
  • Adds new notification messages: 1. when a container is full or when a container cannot accept certain object type 2. when objects to move are too heavy for your minion 3. to help the player re-arming traps. 
  • Stops minions from taking orders when selected by the player until the player manually orders or un-selects the minion. 
  • Adds Drag-Frame-Tip to Inventory Frame, which is a small note on the bottom right of the frame to tell the player where the frame can be dragged. 
  • Fixes bug that crashed game when using DungeonMaster 'Store Item' button.
  • And a lot of other small fixes here and there.
There are a lot of small changes and hope thats not going to crash the game now :S

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