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Monday, January 7, 2013

Update 31 - Dungeon Colony Version

Today I spent some time reducing memory requirements in many areas. Additionally that also caused a reduction in game save size, which is great for the game server. 

I also added a new indicator which shows when one of your creatures can be leveled up. It is a small golden cross that flashes close by the unit:


Summing up this update:


  •  Decreased Memory Requirement by ~25% and game save size by undetermined but probably similar amount


  •  Allows more than one torch to neighbor the same tile in front of it.
  • Adds an indicator to a unit that has reached a new level. This makes it easy for the player to see which unit can be leveled-up.


  •     Increased Sling Ranged Attack 


  • Removes artifact from worker lair sprite
  • Fixes can/cannot button in Container Access Frame
  • Changes Button Tool Tip in Inventory From 'Coming Soon' to 'Set Container Access'
  • Fixes bug preventing a worker to take more than 2 spikes when re-arming a wooden spike trap.

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