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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Update 30 - Dungeon Colony Version

Happy New Year Dungeoneers! 

After a brief winter break we are back with an update. Over the holidays internal changes have strengthened the project and we are looking forward to development in 2013. 

This update bring a range of bug fixes and an upgraded Shader Engine 2.0. This means primarily faster rendering as well as softer shadows. The following screenshot shows the soft shadow effect emitted by the light sources:

(click image to enlarge):


No matter how many lights you have on the map (zoomed-in or out), the performance will not suffer any longer. The new light engine also sets the stage for light-dependent elements that will be introduced shortly. Soon you can also expect new light sizes so that some objects cast light with different radii. 

This is a brief summary of the changes made for this update:


  • Adds Bookcase and Book-stand entities. Their functionality will be introduced in the near future, for now they are just decorative. imageimage
  • Updated LightEngine 2.0 Performance Increases and new foundation for new light types. 
  • Shadow-Edges are softer


  • Fixes Bug with Shadow at Dungeon Entrance.
  • Fixes Bug when Minions attempt to store mined resources. 
  • Fixes map-starting position according to screen-resolution. 
  • Fixes bug that used carcass as container. 
  • Fixes bug generating mined resources over walls. 

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