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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dungeon Colony

Hello Minions!

Version is out and Dungeon Colony is getting mighty close to Beta status. This version completes the first Economy Update.

The new economy system is tied into the new room features introduced in version 0.2.7.x. At the moment, there are 3 base rooms available: The lair, the cantina and the treasury. Minions sleep in their lair and store goods such as gold coins and other items. For each command you issue to a minion, he will want to get paid for it. After a certain amount of work performed, the minion will go to the treasury to get his wage. He will then bring his wage to his room and store it in a chest. If a minion doesn't have a room or a chest, he will complain to his master about it.

Minions use their earned wage to buy food. You must have a Cantina available and place a dining table inside it. That way, your minions know where to go to buy and eat food to replenish their health and fill up their belly. Coins spend on food are transferred back into the treasury.

This creates the foundation for the dungeon economy and a circular transaction system that provides a way for your minions to work for their needs. Future releases will introduce new rooms and new desires for your minions to spend their wage on, such as potions that they can use when under attack, weapons to improve fighting enemies, or other items to improve their skills.

With Economy 1.0 completed, I'm turning my focus back to the Campaign game mode to work on Level design and polish the engine for Beta release.


  1. Hey there, are you still working on this game?

  2. Hello Sebastian, how is it going with releasing Beta ? Will you release it as an early access on Steam? Looking forward and good luck! Dave

  3. Is the game still being developed?:(

    1. Mmm,maybe he just burned out?Probaly.Too bad,game was getting good:(

    2. Still here... burned out... yes a bit, got a lot of other priorities, but sill not done here :-)

  4. My all time favorite games is Dungeon Keeper(I+II). I just saw this game and got excited. I am unable to create an account to play the demo. I'll keep following on hopefully there might be an update.

  5. hey, its Dec 5th 2019 and the dungeon colony website is showing 500(internal server) error.
    just wondering whats happening because when I try to start up the game it shows the same error...