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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dungeon Colony Version

In this version (v0.2.0.46), I  added the next toolbox for wall building to the side menu. When selected, it allows the player to choose between Dirt, Rock and Stone walls. It works just like the flooring tool where you to place new ground tiles. Once you choose a destination for the wall, your minions will try to find the necessary resources stored in any of your containers and then proceed to construction. Each requires 4 raw material of it's type. The resource count is subject to balancing.

Along the way, I improved how all 5 tools are deselected. Now you can simply right click to deselect the tool. Before, it was more like an annoying guessing game.

This new wall tool replaces the former way of building new walls. Previously, you had to craft stone blocks in the workbench before you could place them on the ground to make a wall. It was taking too long to get walls build and took much of the fun of dungeon building away. Now, if you have the resources stored, building walls is only one click away.

Here is a short gif animation showing how much simpler wall building has become:

Summary of Improvements in this version:
  • Adds new Wall building toolbox. 
  • Removes old wall block crafting recipes.
  • Adds right-click toolbox deselect capability.
  • Removes Email from Login screen. If you username is your email, then that'll work. 
  • Fixes issue with username on website
  • Fixes bug that caused the selection frame to remain on the screen, even after the object was removed from the game.

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