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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dungeon Colony Version

Today's version (v0.2.0.38) fixes a few bugs discovered by alpha tester (thanks Matt & Rob!!). Additionally, I've also added some new animations when the boar eats grass. In the past few weeks, I've worked a lot on game engine features. Most of my time went on improving Path-finding and Minion AI. I made significant progress in both areas, but I'm releasing only the advances in Minion AI. The Path-finding Improvements need a bit more maturity.

There was a bigger bug that kept freezing your minions in certain situations. This had to do with a loop when a path couldn't be found. It would have been simple to patch this bug up, but instead I reworked how command assignment is managed and made significant improvements to the command game engine. I still have some other features that I want to add to the improved AI system, but I'll work on those in a few weeks. For now, I need to make sure that the new system works flawlessly. So please help me test this version and let me know if you encounter any strange behavior in your minions. Thanks =).

Summary of this release:


  • Improves Minion Command AI. 

New Artwork:

  • Adds new Boar eat-grass animation.

Game Balancing:

  • Reduces the visibility of Archers

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes bug that prevented the close button from working on certain frames.
  • Fixes bug that displayed the object's rotate button when the object couldn't rotate.
  • Fixes issue with Level Up indicator.
  • Fixes bug that prevented the leg-trap quest from being completed in Sandbox Mode.

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