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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dungeon Colony Version

Today's version introduces new craft-able items and makes a few improvements to the engine. Download the free open alpha version now.

New Wood Collection

Wood is an important resource in Dungeon Colony. Many objects are made of wood, wood can be used as fuel for fires and light up rooms with torches. This version adds new wood objects that you can craft:

First, there's a new coal image that replaces the old placeholder I had created:

old:                  new:

Using wood planks you can now craft a stool for decoration:

 Also from wood planks you can now craft a new crate to store all types of items:
There are 3 existing types of stock piles to store rocks, stone bricks and dirt that your minions collect. This new addition adds a stockpile to store wood. Like the other stockpiles, the wood pile visually reflects how much wood is currently stored inside. The following screenshot shows the new wood stockpile with the left-vertical one being nearly empty and the one on top is completely full: 

New Minion Work Animations 

Until now, minions were using the same animation for fighting, building, lumbering, mining, etc. So this update brings unique animations to the different jobs minions perform:



Summary of Improvements
  • Adds new art for the coal resource.
  • Adds new object Crate. This can store anything and has no restrictions.
  • Adds new minion- mine, lumber, build and dig animations.
  • Adds stool furniture.
  • Adds new wood stockpile which can store wood logs and planks. I also adjusted logic for storing wood so that minions choose the stockpile over other containers if one is available.
  • Fixes bug that causes index out of bounds exception when trying to place torches on walls.
  • Re-adjusts the target location for lumbering trees

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