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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dungeon Colony Version

I've reached version (v0.1.8.203). 0.1.8.x is growing mighty large and, in fact, it should already have moved on to version 0.1.9.x. However, since the major change in 0.1.8.x was fundamentally changing core game engine modules I decided to focus on fixing as many bugs affected by the tile size changes as possible. Once I feel like the engine is stable, I will begin development of the next larger feature and move to 0.1.9.x.

Therefore, today's update fixes issues that stem from the core engine changes and addresses many issues caused by doors in the game. There are three types of doors: Wooden, Steel Reinforced Fortified, and Iron Doors:

The first thing I changed was the life points of each door. The previous values were too low to prevent enemies from breaking through. The new values are 150 LP for the wooden door, 250LP for the fortified door and 1000LP for the Iron door. Especially the iron door can keep enemies at bay given it's iron properties.

Before this version, doors had several issues which have been addressed as follows:

Door improvements:
  • Balances Door health points, increasing each door's health to 150 for the wooden door, 250 for the steal reenforced door, and 1000 for the prison door.
  • Fixes preview of rotated door within a container cell.
  • Fixes rotating doors. Now doors can only rotate 180 degrees once placed. In the container the rotation steps are still 90 degrees per step.
  • Fixes placement of doors:
    • aligns doors to tile grid when previewing door placement.
    • will only allow doors to be placed
      • a): if no entity is directly colliding with the door.
      • b): if a wall immediate too the door's hinges (on both sides) is present.
      • c): when doors have room to open in either direction.
  • Fixes issue with enemies who get stuck when they face a closed door instead of trying to break them.
And a bug fix unrelated to doors:
- Fixes bug that caused a pickup behavior from not being deleted from the stack.

I am not happy with the doors in general yet. The look isn't 100% there yet, so I will most likely have them redone. Additionally, I also want the opening/closing animation to be a bit nicer. Plus they don't break the shadows, which is something of lower importance though.

But for now, that's it for doors and I will move on to boars to address issues mentioned by many alpha testers. There seems to be not enough of them.


  1. Really nice game, even if it Needs to be fleshed out some more.
    I have one question, why do Spiders not attack bandits and other foes?
    They are insectoid predators so ist doubtly that they made some secret peace-pact with the humans you Encounter.

    I ask that because I tried to lock away some Spiders as a neutral defense for the chaos warriors, sadly they didnt interact with em and overrun my dungeon together.

    It would be cool if you could cultivate Spiders and other critters as dungeon pets who fight against intruders and your own staff if your careless and let em escape.

    Good luck with developing : )

  2. Hi... yea, I'll change that in an upcoming update: Spiders should attack anything that looks tasty to them.

    As for the second remark, I have planned to add additional units that you can attract, hire, lure, or otherwise persuade to live in your dungeon.

    Thanks for the comment.