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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dungeon Colony Version

Today's update brings Dungeon Colony to (v0.1.8.170). Free Alpha Download!

Recently, we planted some culinary herbs at home and just yesterday they started spouting:
I don't really remember what seeds I planted into which container, oh well.

So in celebration of this amaazing new growth, this version update of Dungeon Colony adds new plant life to the outside world. For starters new grass patches grow individually over the otherwise bland grass tiles:
There are several different types of grasses that grow each with different growing stages(sizes). When they reproduce, they have a change to changing to another type, but that happens only in about 10% of the time, therefore making larger areas of the same species.

Boars eat grass to gain food points. If they don't find anymore grass they will starve to death. But there's plenty of it available. In fact, each grass patch is it's own entity in the game. In my last play, I counted over 7000 patches on the map. 

So this is the beginning of new plant life and more will be added soon. Of course, grass will not just be pretty to look at but will play a role in dungeon management and be a resource for new object types. But again, more to come. 

Additionally, this version fixes a lot of bugs found by the alpha testers. Here is the summary of changes:

New Features:
  • Grass, it grows.
  • Boars now lose food points and eat grass to refill them.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixes text disappearing behind other controls when hovering for tooltip info (Thanks Liam)
  • Fixes bug that crashed game if the graphics card wasn't compatible with FBOs by showing an error message before starting the game. (thanks alpha testers)
  • fixes bug caused by null pointer exception when enemy AI was hunting down your creatures. (thanks alpha testers)
  • fixes bug in Graphics Option Menu. (thanks alpha testers)
  • Improves logic for selecting units or objects that overlap 

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