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Thursday, July 18, 2013

1 Year Anniversary Dungeon Colony public alpha : new facebook page & new blog.

A few of days ago marked the one year anniversary of Dungeon Colony in open alpha.

To celebrate you will continue to be able to play the alpha for free a little bit longer. Additionally, I moved to this new blog and made a new facebook page.

Please like the Facebook page and share it with your friends:

It's been a successful year and I like the way development is moving forward. This is my first attempt at making a game and I can say it has not always been easy; dealing with the process of creating something from scratch without important experience has often put me back by either mistakenly recreating the wheel, or hitting roadblocks and needing to learn new concepts. That last part says it all, it has been a great learning experience and each moment of experimenting and creating is what makes this entire project worthwhile.

I hope you follow me in my efforts to create a dynamic dungeon simulation game.


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