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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Version - New Light Engine

Hi Everyone, 

The new light engine is out!

Dungeon Colony is a game about Dark Dungeons: one main game element is to create a dark atmosphere that the player can light up using different light sources he/she can craft. If no light is present the Dungeon is pitch black.  

This version completes the upgrade to the new Light Engine v1.0. It completely replaces the previous engine which was a prototype in terms of how the environment should feel. The new light engine uses 2D hard edge shadow blending techniques that distribute light more naturally than the previous engine. Currently, wall corners emit shadows which are generated dynamically. 

This first release of the Light Engine will remain as is for a short while to debug any issues with the shadows and to test performance on large maps with many light sources. Since the player can add as many lights as desired, this could bring down the performance. But if it's stable and performance is acceptable, I will upgrade the engine to include other elements (i.e. soft shadow edges, better blending of multiple lights, colors, sizes, moving lights etc.).

Below is a screenshot of a new light scene: 


If you haven't tried out Dungeon Colony yet, download the free alpha at Follow me on twitter for the latest development updates.

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