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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Update 25 - Dungeon Colony Version

This weekend update brings a few new additions as well as some more bug fixes. 


First, there are 2 new resource types - Sand and Steel:


Raw iron can be mined and processed into iron rods by melting it in a furnace. The resulting iron rod can be further processed into Steel. Steel replaces a few different blueprint requirements. Since cast iron can produce 5 steel bars, a treasure chest, for example, now uses 4 steel instead of 4 iron - making it far easier to build. 


Next is the new Fire Bowl. A fire bowl can be made from Steel plates as follows:


It provides an additional light source to your dungeon and is more durable and more difficult to destroy by enemies. 

Sand, on the other hand, does not yet have any uses; but that will change in the near future. Soon, Steel and Sand will both be processed in the furnace. 


Additionally, due to the new recipes which overfilled the recipe book, new scroll functionality is now available next to the close button:


You can click on these two buttons to scroll up and down the list of craft-able objects. In addition, you can use the mouse-wheel or the shortcut keys 'Up' and 'W' for up and 'Down' and 'S' for down.

Finally, some small bugs with worker-behavior are now fixed, which caused the game to crash when executed.

If you haven't already, visit and download the free alpha. 

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