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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dungeon Colony First Early Access Trailer

Greetings Dungeon Masters!

We hope you had a nice winter break; we sure did! But we've been hard at work in the past weeks of this new year to bring new updates to Dungeon Colony. And we have a lot of news and things to show. Starting off, I would like to share is our new trailer to Dungeon Colony. It shows off what the engine can do, and what game play will be like:

We've done a lot of changes to the infrastructure of the game by upgrading the server, and optimizing how server calls are made. We've got more room for online game saves and have laid the foundation to future online game options. We have also made changes to the website by removing pages that were out-dated and took way too much time to maintain.

The next blog post will introduce the changes made to the new release Get access to this new version right now at

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