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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dungeon Colony Version

Today's version upgrades many Quest related classes and simplifies/refactors a lot of code. This was especially good to make the level editor easier to use. It's so much easier now to create a Level and add quests to it than it was ever before. I've also added a few new quest types, such as giving creatures a goal to reach a certain tile location. This will be very useful for quests where the player will need to reach a region like mining through thick walls to find a specific resource for example.

While upgrading the quests, a lot of older code broke, which let me to just scratch all the old quests in the Sandbox game mode and redo them. So I made them a little bit more descriptive, not wasting too much time there, since my main goal is to continue on the tutorial levels. Quest information in now displayed in a new quest window centered in the middle of the screen. Hovering the mouse over the quest buttons shows the quest info window:

The next thing I will add to quests are rewards.

The summary of changes in version

  • New Quest Window Centered in screen when hovering over quest buttons
  • Adds Question Tile Locations
  • Unifies quest class and deactivates unnecessary quest classes.
  • Temporarily restricts leg traps from being replaced. realized that this caused a new bug.
  • Editor: Adds more missing logic to Quest Manager.

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