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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Task List for new Editor

The following is the list of tasks needed to complete the Game Editor (somewhat in order & some subtasks removed). Note: during development of the game editor, no new updates are being pushed to the alpha version available online. Alpha development will resume once the editor is complete.
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The Task List (Last Updated 11/17/2013):
I'll update this blog entry every time I make progress to the editor marking red items as pending and green strike through as completed:
  1. Fix all special editor entity placement rules that require map validation . (i.e. torches, doors, etc.) (9/9 Rules Completed + 3/3 SubTasks Completed)
  2. Create new image button sprites for Side Menu options.
  3. Create logic for UI Buttons on Side Menu.
  4. Allow placing of entities in containers.
  5. Allow dragging of entities to other places.
  6. Allow rotating of entities on map.
  7. Add button to show tile types & grid.
  8. Allow placing granite inside dungeon.
  9. Allow user to set specific features on/off.
  10. Map Validator:(Multiple validation items)
    • DØNE: Validate air on map (source, spread, ...)
    • Deferred: Dungeon Validation
    • Deferred: Enemy Waves (can reach dungeon)
  11. WIP: Build Level Class & Manager
    1. Build Level Chains
    2. Store Levels on Server
    3. Load Levels from Server
  12. Create Entity Editor to edit specific entity attributes.
    • DØNE: Build Frame to Display Entity Information.
    • DØNE: Extend Entity classes to manually edit entity fields.
    • DØNE: Allow editing of Entities already on map or the entity in the Toolbox. Editing Toolbox entities allows placing unlimited entities with the same edited attributes.
  13. Build quest manager UI (4 Subtasks)
    •  New Quest Frame
      • DØNE: Create Dropdownlist Control
      • DØNE: Create TextArea Control 
      • DØNE: UI Frame controls for setting Quest Attributes
      • DØNE: Controller logic for the MVC pattern of UI.
      • DØNE: Edit, Delete Quest Nodes
      • DØNE: Edit: load quest into form

      • DØNE:Subclass Quest Specifict Attributes
      • Deferred: Preview Quest.
  14. Build DAG for quest chains.
    1. Create Canvas for displaying Quest Nodes
    2. Create Quest Node Buttons which can be clicked to open up the Quest Details
    3. Allow Dragging of Quest Nodes
    4. Allow Dragging of Quest Node Canvas (moves all nodes at once)
    5. Connect Nodes which are linked.  
    6. Improve nodes (size, info, ...) 
  15. Deferred: Extend Research Manager UI (2 Subtasks).
  16. Implement the Map Load/Save Screen.
  17. Disable certain game frames in Editor.
  18. Deferred: Fix game main menu when using editor.
  19. Fix home menu to include editor. 
  20. WIP: Build Class to store Map as Level on server.  
  21. WIP: Build Class to create/store Campaign (level tree)

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