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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Version - New weapon and ranged attack for worker

Since the introduction of the new Archer enemy, foes in the game have had the upper hand. To give your workers a chance to defend against ranged attacks you can now craft a new weapon and ammo type, the Sling and Stone Ballsimage   image

To equip the new weapon, select the worker and click the Equip button. The worker will then search and grab the weapon and ammo wherever you stored it in your dungeon: image

Together, the worker can launch deadly ranged attacks against any enemy in sight. 


This is especially good when your workers are outside in the wilderness gathering resources such as food, meat, fur or wood. Inside the dungeon, corridors make ranged attacks more difficult, but that also applies to enemies.   

This version also fixes a big list of bugs, adds a bit more balancing, and simplified the UI once again. 

If you haven't tried the game yet, download the Alpha free at

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