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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Feature - Map Generator


If you haven't noticed by now, when you started a game, you always played the same map and dungeon layout. This layout was drawn by hand and each pixel in the image was then replaced by the actual map tile when loading a new game. This is all nice and dandy, but gets boring really fast.  

Since the last release I have worked on a map generator which replaces the hand drawn map. Using procedural map generation, the algorithm tries to reproduce the same elements used in the drawn version, but attempts to make it more natural or diverse. The first screenshot is the actual drawn image that was used until release Grass is green, and white is mountain. Here any white pixel is replaced by either dirt or stone. The black shapes are empty caves.

Old Hand Made Map:

 Old Hand Made Map

The New Map Generator produced the following set of random samples. 



The first image looks like a drooling face... but more importantly, maps have many shapes and sizes. The road on the map shows the path enemies will take to find your dungeon. The brown and gray colors within the  mountain indicate what type of material it is. The black shapes within the mountain are small undiscovered caves (which may hold treasure). 

Try it out, help me find bugs, & give me your feedback. 

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