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Friday, September 13, 2013

Dungeon Colony Version

Today's version (v0.1.8.218) is another push towards a more stable game engine. The fixes that are listed below are for the most part logical bug fixes, resolving issues that didn't break the game, but which were wrong or not working.

I have some exciting new game objects and art work that will be added in the coming weeks. Some of which will lay the foundation for the next game feature.

I also began with the development of a game editor. I'm still sketching it out but instead of making it a separate tool outside or parallel to the game, I decided to build it right into the game. I think this will save me a lot of work and it could make level making more interactive. The game editor will be used to create the main quests for Dungeon Colony, but I am also playing with the idea to make the editor available to players. T

Improvements & Bug Fixes:
  • Adds messages to alert the player when certain actions aren't possible and prints a reason next to the affected object.
  • Fixes null pointer exception on Path-Searching.
  • Fixes bug with occasional incorrect shadows at dungeon entrance when generating maps.
  • Fixes a bug with Pathfinding in specific areas of the map. (Dungeon Entrance Special Cases)
  • Fixes a bug that caused dead bodies to become collision objects after loading a game. Fixed it by adding a necessary properties to the save functionality.
  • Fixes bug that didn't increase movement speed when upgrading that skill.
  • Fixes issue that caused minions to forget their orders in situations when they spott an enemy unit.
  • Fixes issue when a creature is stuck when standing on top of an object that causes a collision and due to the collision the creature couldn't walk or take commands to walk off the object.
  • Fixes Bug that allowed certain containers to accept resources that they shouldn't.
  • Fixes bug that made enemies clairvoyant by finding out where your creatures were, even if the enemy couldn't see them.
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