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Monday, September 2, 2013

Dungeon Colony Version

This update brings Dungeon Colony to version v0.1.8.198 and fixes a range of bugs. Additionally, a new indicator shows the player when a container is full.

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Summary of Improvements:
  • Adds blinking indicator in inventory frame when the container is full. This applies to any type of container, also the bag each Minions carries.
  • Fixes bug when clicking the rotate button that allowed objects like the workbench or dining table to rotate into walkable objects on the map. While that seems valid, it prevents certain game play.
  • Fixes bug that prevented player from placing walls even though the target location was eligible for wall placing.
  • Fixes bug that prevented creatures from storing small objects laying on the ground into containers that have a size smaller than a game tile.
  • Fixes bug that caused minions to ignore stockpiles when collecting certain resource types from walls.
  • Fixes issue with objects when attacked the target property never gets cleared when the attacker is gone.

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