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Friday, July 19, 2013

Update 56 - Dungeon Colony Version

Hello, This update brings the following fixes, updates and balancing adjustments:
Download this free alpha built at: (v0.1.8.156)

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New Updates:

  • Randomizes cluster Sizes (AI).
  • Adds number of selected objects to machine type objects when selecting the output in an output frame.


  • Reduced output of lumbering trees.
  • Crafting walls out of 9 resources produces 3 new walls.
  • Reduces output of iron ore when mining rock walls.
  • Triggered traps do not cause collision for friendly creatures any longer.
  • Enemies now steal as much as 80% of their carrying capacity, instead of max 5 items previously.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes problem with Enemies when they attack or steal from an object. 
  • Nuts are not used as fuel in the cooking pot any longer. 
  • Fixes issue with Enemies attacking objects. 
  • Fixes issue with Enemy AI Behavior where they would get stuck in the grass-lands. 
  • Fixes issue with finding the dungeon entrance in enemy AI.
  • Fixes issue with machine type objects when ordering to remove a large number of objects but only few are actually taken 
  • Fixes inacuracy with selecting items in machine type objects. 

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