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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Best Moments at GDC 2013

I finally was able to [kind of] attended GDC. I wasn't in any of the workshops or the exhibit, but I managed to go to some events that happen around the expo. A GDC ticket is still a hefty price to pay and given that I also work full time during the day I decided not to get a ticket this year and instead invest that money into the game. And I think that was a good idea: The after parties are excellent; there are events/parties on all topics related to games. People tweeted all over the place with invitations or where to rsvp. It's awesome to meet people from all over the world that all share that game development fever. I was also extremely happy to finally meet Andy aka JigxorAndy. He's making an awesome dungeon indie game called Dungeon Dashers which I've been following for a while now. He presented his game in the Indie Area at GDC and my goal is to be presenting there next year too. I met some people who could potentially do freelance sound and audio. But that's still developing.
The highlight of my week at GDC was meeting @Notch. There's a funny snapshot of us, I'm the dude on the left side, no not the one on the far left, but that guy behind my shoulder looks hilarious. I had to sneak up to the VIP area to meet Notch and I still can't believe that he walked away with my contact card in his jacket.
Thanks Notch for your generosity!
Lastly, Raven67854 made a Let's Play video of Dungeon Colony. That's a nice bonus since this entire week I haven't been able to work much on game code.

Now that GDC is over and the San Francisco's geek wave is calming down, I am also returning back to my dungeon and preparing to get back into coding.

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