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Sunday, July 29, 2012

This weekend I started extending the game with new logic: Experience and Leveling.

Your creatures will gain experience points based on what they are doing. Certain activities, such as lumbering, mining or fighting, all produce XP points when performed and are collected separately (XP for mining goes in one bucket and so on...). When one type of activity is performed enough, it will level up; This way each type can be configured to level faster or slower than other's depending on how valuable the activity is. To do that, the next level is determined by an exponent. Leveling gives the player skill point(s) which can be exchanged for some common but also rare awesome skills (not yet included - skills will become available over time)

This will be the basic architecture and will be released soon. Some advanced elements I want to try out may be:

  • Diminishing returns on ignored activities
  • Auto assign selected skills to your minions when available 
  • New skill options through research and research points

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